What is Rock Point Law?

ROCK POINT LAW is a Chattanooga-based law firm founded by Luke H. Neder that brings a fresh and experienced perspective to the practice of law.  With an emphasis on awareness, communication, and execution, ROCK POINT LAW endeavors to change your perception of how a 21st century law firm can (and should) operate.

  • AWARENESS. Every client is different. Every client's needs are different. ROCK POINT LAW appreciates who its clients are, allowing it to identify and cost-effectively manage their needs.
  • COMMUNICATION. Achieving client goals requires an open line of communication between client and attorney. Communication and accessibility form the the bedrock of a productive attorney-client relationship.
  • EXECUTION. Achieving client goals is admirable. Achieving them in a timely, cost-effective manner is ideal. ROCK POINT LAW appreciates this distinction. You will too.
Chattanooga derives from the Creek Indian word "Chat-to-to-noog-gee", which means "rock rising to a point."

Why Rock Point Law?

  • ROCK POINT LAW is a law firm with a conscience and a heart. It's a dynamic, accessible, and friendly alternative to “Big Law."

  • ROCK POINT LAW has successfully represented clients in state and federal court, in both civil and criminal matters.

  • ROCK POINT LAW offers free initial consultations, highly-competitive pricing, and alternative fee arrangements.